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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Excellent Book!!


I have finished reading the book and found it excellent. The author's descriptions of the characters and the war torn country of Afghanistan was amazing. I had wondered if he had went back or just remembered so vividly from his childhood and research--did he go back before or after he wrote the book?? I really liked the characters of BaBa, Amir's wife, and Hassan. It is interesting how one wrong act can actually affect people the rest of their lives. I work with children all the time and often times people feel that the the children should "just get over it" when somethign traumatic happens to him. It was nice to see it from Amir's perspective and how it affected his life. Some of the children I work with have had equally horrifying and traumatic things happen!!



Blogger Christine @ BPL said...

Hi and welcome to the blog!

To answer your question about whether the author traveled to Afghanistan, here's what the author wrote about this subject on his web site:

[In March 2003, with the novel proofread and in production, I found myself tracing my protagonist’s footsteps, sitting in the window seat of an Ariana Airlines Boeing 727 headed toward Kabul. Like Amir, I had been gone a long time, almost 27 years, in fact; I was an 11-year-old, thin-framed seventh- grader when I left Afghanistan. I was going back now as a 38-year-old physician residing in Northern California, a writer, a husband and father of two. I gazed out the window, waiting for the plane to break through the clouds, waiting for Kabul to appear below me. When it did, a few lines from “The Kite Runner” came to me, and Amir’s thoughts suddenly became my own: The kinship I felt suddenly for the old land, it surprised me. I thought I had forgotten about this land. But I hadn’t. Maybe Afghanistan hadn’t forgotten me either. The old adage in writing is you write about what you’ve experienced. I was going to experience what I had already written about.]

To read the rest of what the author wrote about his travel back to Afghanistan go to:

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